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Woo Wow and Win

I am the co-author with Thomas A. Stewart of the book Woo, Wow, and Win. This book teaches you how to create “Ahhh” moments—when the customer makes a positive judgment—and to avoid “Ow” moments—when you lose a sale or, worse, customer trust. This book outlines the five principles that should guide service design and connect it to your strategy. You’ll learn how to map and evaluate all your interactions with customers; how to evaluate your ability to design and deliver great experiences; how to build innovation into your business model; and how to align your culture with the strategy and design you have selected. Learn more at

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What You Can Learn From Machu Picchu, Llamas, and Kayaking

This article appears on (published on October 31, 2017).

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Much of the work I have done appears under other people’s bylines such as op-eds, papers, and company branding materials. If you are interested in more of examples of my writing, please contact me.